Services to Franchises


Franchise Specialization

One of the greatest challenges facing growing franchises is finding locations. My team of experienced professionals can streamline the process and assist in many ways.

Site Selection Based on Science

Our comprehensive mapping services can help you analyze a multitude of various data points. This data can help you determine the best location for your business. Some examples of the data we can provide incudes:

  • Drive time analysis of your employees or customers
  • Customer demographics
  • Traffic counts
  • Mapping businesses by industry code

Business Intelligence

  • Consumer Modeling and Predicability
  • Industry Benchmarks and Comparisons
  • Market Comparisons

Single Point of Contact

It is common in the franchise industry for individual franchisees to hire their own real estate broker thereby forcing the franchisor to effectively train each and every new real estate broker about the needs and requirements of your franchise model. We can assist you in streamlining the real estate process by creating a single point of contact who is knowledgeable about your specific model and real estate needs vastly reducing the amount of incoming emails and phone calls related to site selection, space planning, and lease negotioations.  

National and International Presence

With offices located all over the United States and Canada and partners in markets all over the world we can help your business grow anywhere. No mater how large your company is you will not outgrow us!